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M.A.N.S. Distributors, Inc.

Leading distributor of cleaning and office equipment and supplies located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas supplying businesses and government nationwide. Read More

Mach Technologies

Mach Technologies is focused on developing cutting edge technologies, processes, and equipment for botanical extraction. Read More

MACTEC Packaging Technologies LLC

Unit dose machine manufactir Read More

Macurco Gas Detection

Macurco Gas Detection strives to provide the highest quality gas detection, safety and security solutions to customers worldwide. The Macurco product line offers fixed and portable gas detection equipment for residential, commercial, industrial and safety applications. There are fixed gas... Read More


We're proud to develop groundbreaking, scientifically driven solutions that naturally help you maximize your crop productivity. That why we created the Mammoth product line so you can have access to the science that helps you grow. Read More

Maqboul Advisors PLLC

At Maqboul Advisors, we are Cannabis/CBD experts. We are the total CFO, accounting, tax and compliance solutions for your Canna/CBD organization. Our expertise extends beyond traditional financial management, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry and empower... Read More


Looking for world-class solvent recovery & recycling or Cannabis Hemp extraction equipment but can't find a solution that fits your needs? Try Maratek Read More

March Networks

A global leader in intelligent IP video surveillance products and solutions for businesses including retailers, banks, transit agencies and more. Read More

Marcum LLP

Marcum LLP was among the first national accounting and advisory firms to establish a practice dedicated to serving the cannabis industry. Marcum’s Cannabis Services Group provides support, objectivity and experience to operating cannabis businesses and those planning to enter and succeed... Read More

Marijuana Marketing Xperts

Marijuana Marketing Xperts is an internet marketing agency for CannaBusinesses offering digital services such as SEO, web development, social media & more! Read More

Marijuana Packaging

Marijuana Packaging is the #1 leading supplier of cannabis packaging and smoke shop supplies. We offer a wide variety of packaging solutions for cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, and more. Since 2011, we have built a reputation for being the most trusted wholesale online... Read More

Marijuana Packaging by A&A Global Imports

Marijuana Packaging combines years of industry expertise with attentive customer care specialists and a full creative design team to fulfill all your packaging needs. Dispensaries, collectives and smoke shops of all sizes trust us to quickly and efficiently deliver orders from our vast catalog... Read More

Marijuana Policy Institute

We Help Minimize Marijuana Risks, Manage Employee Use & Maximize Legal Compliance Our marijuana policies and training programs help employers: - Manage employee and job applicant marijuana use on the job and after hours. - Comply with federal, state, and city marijuana legislation. -... Read More

Martini Incentives

Martini Incentives has been in business since 2004 and our focus is the best customer service you can get with the best delivery times. We have dedicated Factories for every custom packaging need from mylar bags to jars to pre-roll cones and beyond. Fastest Delivery Time on Mylar Bags and Boxes... Read More

Master Plant-Prod Inc.

Plant-Prod is the world leader in soluble fertilizers and the partner for growers where high productivity is vital. Leading greenhouses across the globe rely on our solubility in their production. Solubility means everything you buy goes into the plant-not to the bottom of your concentrate tank... Read More

McKim & Creed, Inc.

Employee-owned engineering and surveying firm with offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania & Louisiana. Read More


Meadow’s all-in-one cannabis POS platform has the tools you need to efficiently run and scale your dispensary business, with intuitive interfaces and thoughtful workflows to manage your entire front and back of house operations. Seamlessly complete all core business functions from one... Read More

Media Bros LLC

Media Bros was founded with a scientifically engineered approach to improve existing extraction technologies. We are a group of chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, scientists, professional extractors, and growers. Focusing on performance in quality and throughput, our team set out to... Read More


After years of research and experience in the LED grow lights industry, we are proud to launch our own brand, Medic Grow. Medic Grow is registered in the US and holds inventory in CA, our factory has more than 10 years of OEM+ODM experience that develops, manufactures, distributes, advertises... Read More

Medisca Inc

A division of the global Medisca brands, Medisca Scientific is leading strategic partnerships with healthcare and non-healthcare industries across the globe. Backed by 30+ years, with wellestablished footings in pharmaceutical compounding, Medisca has created a robust supply chain of premium... Read More

Melt-to-Make Gummies

Infused Gummies Simplified! We've done all the heavy lifting to formulate a tasty, all-natural gummy. Melt-to-Make‚ Gummies offers our base gummy formula in 100 gram pucks in a variety of delicious flavors. All you need to do is melt them down and infuse your preferred additive. We also provide... Read More

Memmert USA, LLC

Memmert USA is a master distribution source of Memmert products throughout North America. We work directly with the Memmert headquarters in Buchenbach, Germany to serve the needs and expectations of the United States thermostatic and laboratory equipment market. We offer a variety of specific... Read More


At Metnology, we help organizations harness the power of technology to enhance the efficiency of operations and drive better customer experiences. Metnology is a national leader specializing in end-to-end managed services, cloud hosting, managed security, and IT solutions for a variety of... Read More

Metrc, LLC

Securing Markets. Supporting Business. Protecting Consumers. Read More

MFG Tray Company

Cannabis Gummy & Soft Gel Drying Trays, Oil Vial Trays, Storage Containers & Customized Options MFG Cannabis Processing products deliver exceptional durability and performance for all your cannabis processing techniques, from drying to storing. Unlike plastic trays and containers, our... Read More

Microfluidics International Corporation

Microfluidics International Corp., a Unit of IDEX MPT, Inc. is a global company producing superior high-shear fluid processors. Our technology delivers unrivalled results in creating uniform nanoemulsions or encapsulations (liposomes). This technology can produce repeatable uniform particle... Read More


Headquartered in Fenton, Michigan, MiFarmPod‚ is a division of Miller Industries, LLC. We proudly serve clients locally and internationally. Our turnkey modular indoor growing systems are ideal for the agricultural industry of any size. Designed for speed to market, MiFarmPod‚ is quicker than a... Read More

MIIM Horticulture

MIIM Horticulture is the creator of MIICROBIAL MASS, a unique beneficial bacteria product specifically developed for cannabis cultivation. MIICROBIAL MASS offers serious growers an organic way to optimize plant health and maximize yield without major changes to their growing program. It is... Read More

Milestone Inc

With over 50 patents and more than 20,000 instruments installed in laboratories around the world, Milestone has been widely recognized as the global leader in metals prep technology for the past 28 years. Committed to providing safe, reliable, and flexible platforms to enhance your lab’s... Read More

Miller's Insurance Group

Millers Insurance Group carries the coverage to protect you and your cannabis business. Cannabis companies have unique needs for insurance coverage, such as general liability, property and casualty, workers’ compensation, bonds and surety. Regardless of your location, or whether you operate a... Read More

Mills Nutrients USA

Mills combine unique organic and bio-mineral components with naturally derived vitamins to deliver a high-quality and nutrient rich solution that encourages your plants to produce at their best. Read More

Minorities for Medical Marijuana

The largest nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in the cannabis and hemp industry committed to cultivating a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought, experience and opportunities are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated. M4MM will serve as a resource to our community by... Read More


MITA is a network of industry professionals and businesses committed, dedicated, and striving for the continued evolution of the industry through education, transparency, inclusivity, and the development of thoughtful free-market-oriented regulations throughout the United States. Read More