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E1011 Labs

Inhalation therapy methods to efficiently administer therapeutic compounds have been around for centuries. E1011 Labs seeks to reintroduce this concept in the modern age with our groundbreaking advancements in vaporization technology. Our mission is to create the next generation of flower... Read More

Eagle Moon Hemp

Eagle Moon Hemp Is a vertically integrated operation. We produce high-quality CBD-derived products from edibles to isolate, distillate, and flower as well as offering white label for businesses looking to create their own CBD brand. We also sell directly to the public for anyone looking for... Read More

Eagle Protect PBC

Eagle Protect, a disposable glove and clothing specialist, supplies durable, tactile and chemical resistant disposable gloves that reduce ripping and skin irritation. Eagle’s proprietary Delta Zero program ensures a range of Eagle gloves adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and durability. Read More

Earth Juice

Home to the highly acclaimed Earth Juice line of plant care products the most innovative, effective and high performing products for the home and garden. Read More


eBottles designs, develops and markets compliant plastic and glass rigid packaging for flower, concentrates, tinctures, edibles, vape cartridges, and other THC infused products. Specializing in child resistant packaging, eBottles is the premier supplier of high-quality packaging to the legal... Read More

EBS Ink Jet Systems USA

EBS Ink Jet Systems USA Read More

Echelon Constructors

Echelon Constructors LLC is a national design/build construction firm founded by two highly experienced and motivated individuals, Greg Ancel & Ryan Barr. The partners and the associates have a passion for solving complex construction and development opportunities through a blend of... Read More

Echelon Supply and Service

Industrial supply companies in Southwest Louisiana a wide range of products to various types of applications at affordable rates. Read More

Ecodyst, Inc.

Ecodyst have developed a range of laboratory rotary evaporator systems, which provide the fastest evaporation rates under mild conditions. Read More

Ecosorb by OMI Industries

For over 30 years, Ecosorb has used simple science to harness the power of plants as natural odor removers. Our proprietary blend of plant oils tackles the toughest smells without dangerous side effects. Ecosorb is strong enough to eliminate the worst odors - from cannabis to landfills to... Read More


The EduClasses® family of websites provide a selection of online courses aimed at the Service Industry. Read More

Edwards Label

Printing, labels, flexible, pouches Read More

Effective Medicinals LLC

We are a seed company based in Hawaii. We have been selecting and breeding cannabis cultivars for more than 20 years. We are a consortium of long-time growers who have prepared to enter the seed market for a long time, and now here we are. Read More


Providing the most accurate rapid in-house cannabinoid potency test designed for LPs, extractors, and cultivators looking to optimize production based on data-backed decisions. Cannabinoid potency tests appear live within 10 minutes from anywhere along your cannabis production journey. From... Read More

Elder-Jones, Inc

Elder-Jones is an industry leading general contractor licensed to build in 49 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our experience is built on over 50 years of tenant build-outs, remodels, and ground-up construction. We are a one stop provider for many of the top retailers and dispensaries in the... Read More


It is our mission to provide indoor farm, garden, and commercial businesses with state-of-the-art LED grow lights. When you choose us, you can rest assured knowing your product meets all DLC compliance requirements. Read More

Element Air by RGF

Our goal is to protect your grow! Airborne contaminants in the form of bacteria, mold and yeast continue to be an issue for indoor grow facilities. RGF developed Element Air to provide effective, continuous air treatment systems for sensitive indoor air spaces. Read More

Elemental Container Inc. a Tournaire S.A. Company

ELEMENTAL CONTAINER is Tournaire subsidiary in North America. Our unique position in the market enables us to deliver the expertise of a manufacturer with the service of a distributor. Our bottles range from 19ml / 0.6oz to 32L / 8.45 gal. We propose solutions for liquid, viscous and solid... Read More

Elevated Signals

We help cannabis manufacturers streamline processes, unite departments & make better decisions backed by data. You'll be more efficient, competitive & profitable with Elevated Signals. Read More

Emerald Green Technology

A subsidiary of Tobacco Technology, Inc and E-LiquiTech, We are a flavoring company dedicated to the cannabinoid industry with specialized flavors for edibles, tinctures, hemp shisha, hemp smokables, hemp wraps, e-liquids, oral products and white label topicals. Read More

Emerald Scientific

Emerald Scientific advocates for collaboration, transparency, and evolution of the cannabis market toward more reliable and sophisticated science. Founded in 2014, Emerald Scientific was the first company 100% dedicated to distributing scientific supplies and equipment exclusively to the... Read More

ENCON Evaporators

Manufacturer of wastewater minimization and recovery systems utilizing evaporation technology. ENCON evaporation systems can also be used for desalination, distillation and potable drinking water. Our product lines; Drum Evaporators, Thermal Evaporators, Slurry Dryers, CFE Evaporators and MVC... Read More

Encore Labs

Encore Labs is a state-of-the-art testing laboratory that delivers quality laboratory cannabis testing to ensure accurate potency and safe product driven analysis from our Southern California compliant testing facility. We offer comprehensive analysis to assist cultivators, infused product... Read More

Energy Choice Partners LLC

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Energy Choice Partners LLC is an independent electricity and natural gas broker and consultant to commercial and industrial clients (including cannabis companies) nationally. We provide U.S.-based commercial and industrial consumers of electricity and natural gas... Read More

Enrichment Systems Nanobubble Technology

Enrichment Systems manufacturers equipment that uses Nanobubble technology to infuse any gas into liquid. Our primary focus is improving plant, crop, and infrastructure health by increasing dissolved oxygen in water for use in Agriculture. We are a leader in disruptive Nanobubble gas irrigation... Read More

ENS Security LLC

We always strive to provide the best possible services to our customers. Not only do our customers receive the latest and highest quality product available to the market, but we also foster a lifetime relationship with our honorable customers to help further develop and strengthen their... Read More

Entexs Corporation

Redefining the Extraction and THC Remediation Industries. At ENTEXS we are focused on developing technology to automate and optimize CBD extraction and refinement. From our class-leading THC Remediation solution, the RMD Series, which utilizes our industry-first real-time THC/CBD Reader, the... Read More

Entourage Branding

Our Goal, at Entourage Branding, is to help you bring your brand to life through Branded Products and Print. Adding a branded product to your marketing efforts will help increase your ROI by as much as 44%. We know your brand is unique. Taking our time to get to know you and your brand is... Read More

Environmental Plant Management

Environmental Plant Management (EPM) is a disruptor in the pest management industry. As a scientific manufacturer of low-impact, high-efficacy solutions for healthy plant growth, we have uncovered the technology to combine natural ingredients in a way that makes our results even better than... Read More

Environmental Plant Management (EPM)

Environmental Plant Management (EPM) is a disruptor in the pest management industry. As a scientific formulator & manufacturer of low-impact, high-efficacy solutions for healthy plant growth, we have uncovered the technology to combine natural ingredients in a way that makes our results even... Read More

EPAY Systems

NetWise Technology is now part of PrismHR, the leading software for HR service providers. Read the press release, FAQ, or access additional resources here. Read More

ERC Provider

ERC Provider is dedicated to maximizing Employee Retention Credits (ERC) for small businesses affected by the pandemic. Alongside our parent company, ERC Specialists, we help U.S. businesses obtain ERC payroll tax refunds and cannabis companies can qualify for these credits. We have obtained... Read More

Erika Record Baking Equipment

Industry-leading distributor of artisan bakery equipment for retail and wholesale bakeries. This includes commercial ovens, mixers, sheeters, bread production, divider rounders, cookie machines, confectionery depositors and more! Read More


ErtelAlsop offers the widest range of liquid filtration equipment in the world. This variety allows us to assist you in the complete scalability of your application, from small-batch to full production. ErtelAlsop recommends performance filterability testing to optimize your process, which can... Read More


Expert security, surveillance, and technology solutions for Michigan businesses. Read More


EspriGas can provide services to all markets within the US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and is expanding into Canada. We provide both cylinder and bulk gases to customers with a focus on efficiency, optimization, and transparency. We have turn-key solutions for installations at new and existing... Read More

Estes Construction

People want to work at Estes. The projects are challenging. The culture collaborative. Expectations are high to develop solutions that deliver a successful client outcome. The reward comes when clients ask us to collaborate a second, third or fourth time. Estes is a recognized leader in... Read More

EstTech Inc

Since 2001, The goal of Esttech has always been focusing on developing leading edge LED technology.We never stopped researching for better solutions and sharing creative innovations on new technology. With the patented lens technology in canopy penetration,we will be able to stand out and... Read More

Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Inc

One of the nation’s premier testing laboratories, Lancaster Laboratories provides comprehensive analytical services that support the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries. For 46 years, we have delivered laboratory services with uncompromising quality, strict... Read More


Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a rapidly expanding industry across the U.S. encompassing all types of indoor crops, including legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, hemp, food and nursery ornamentals. Evergreen has been on the front line of this growing sector for more than... Read More