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By Abaca

Abaca Treasury Center A Single Place to Manage Finances Whether the goal is increasing profitability or scaling to new markets, cannabis businesses deserve access to sophisticated financial tools. Abaca’s compliant cannabis banking brings modern financial technology to the cannabis industry. Access FDIC-insured... Read more »

By Cherry Bekaert

Accounting Advisory Services Cherry Bekaert’s Accounting Advisory Services practice helps clients modernize their accounting organization by providing solutions to close the books efficiently, consistently, and predictably. Our goal is to allow your company’s finance and accounting teams to be a business partner in your... Read more »

By Credence Engineering Inc.

The ACFS-4000T is the most productive Cartridge Filling Machine on the market today. It will fill up to 3600 1.0 gr and up to 4200 .5 gr cartridges per hour. It is based around the CCell and Bold injection-molded tray concept where the cartridges are accurately positioned so the XY motion system... Read more »

By Aeropay

Give Your Customers the Freedom to Spend. Take your business to the next level with contactless, digital bank-to-bank payments. Aeropay can help you grow your business and keep customers coming back for more. Read more »

By Agronomic IQ

AGronomic IQ Series Compressor Wall Designed from the ground up to meet the demands of the cannabis industry, our revolutionary, patented Compressor Wall Technology sets entirely new industry standards for precise room control, reliability, and energy efficiency. This all-in-one solution is easy and inexpensive to install, has... Read more »

By Agronomic IQ

AGronomic IQ Series Dry Coolers Our industry-leading Dry Cooler technology delivers outstanding heat rejection performance with smart-sensor control integration that dynamically responds to dehumidifier loads to save energy and deliver exceptionally stable room conditions. Read more »

By Agronomic IQ

AGronomic IQ Series Evolution Designed from the ground up specifically for Grow Rooms, our Evolution Series answers every one of your most critical grow room requirements. It also comes in a wide range of sizes and options to provide the most space- efficient, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution possible. The new... Read more »

By AirGreen, Inc.

The AG2000 is our original unit. It moves up to 2,000 cubic feet of air every minute and can operate at a significantly lower sensible heat ratio (SHR) than standard commercial equipment. The AG2000 runs on heated and cooled water for its regeneration and cooling loads. The system uses a... Read more »

By AirGreen, Inc.

The AG3000 is an expanded capacity version of our original AG2000 unit. Airflow capacity is upgraded to 3,000 cubic feet of air every minute and can operate at a significantly lower sensible heat ratio (SHR) than standard commercial equipment, as low as 25%. The AG3000 runs on hot and cold water... Read more »

By Bavis Fabacraft

Bavis offers a variety of high-quality audio solutions to improve the drive-thru experience, including our background noise-cancelling BEAM audio, as well as solutions from Audio Authority. We can round out any drive-thru experience with vehicle detectors, video solutions, lane lights and more. Read more »

By Sylvane, Inc

Easily manage your grow room's climate with the Autogrow IntelliClimate Kit. Manage temperature, CO2, lighting, and humidity in a central easy-to-operate location. This single-zone controller is the perfect choice for creating schedules, monitoring your settings, and more. Read more »

By Chubby Gorilla, Inc.

KEY ELEMENTS: - One Motion Assembly, All-in One SmartCap - HoverGLIDE Rotational Suspension Closure - 360 Micro-Grip Diamond Surface - Lock-On Tamper Evident Break-Off Band - Gapless Surface Seal Closure (excludes 5 mL Container) - Child-Resistant Closure (excludes 5 mL Container) Read more »

By Veseris

AzaSol is a water soluble powder which comes from the highest quality Neem. Through its patented production process, AzaSol provides an exceptionally potent, non-oil based, and organic insect control solution. • 6% Azadirachtin • No oily residue or clogging of equipment • Won’t burn leaves or... Read more »