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About Credence Engineering Inc.

With over 25 years of experience, Credence Filling Systems offers innovative cartridge cappers and filling systems for the vaping community. We build systems that meet the highest standards for streamlining any filling and capping process. We got our start engineering medical equipment, so we’re intimately familiar with building equipment to a superior standard.

Our filling and capping equipment has been specially designed for the unique requirements of the vaping industry. Choosing the right hardware that matches your formulation is essential for successful vape products. Filling your cartridges in-house with the correct equipment will ensure your process and hardware work flawlessly together for you to guarantee a quality product to your customers.

As a customer-focused company, we are known for our immediate personal assistance and creative solutions to unique problems. We will provide customized solutions to meet your specifications, including custom machine modification, custom nests, and software upgrades for applications that require variable filling solutions.

Our innovative team designs and manufactures efficient cartridge filling and capping systems at our facility in Tempe, Arizona. Our user-friendly machines optimize production and lead the way in Short Path Systems for the vaping community. Our cartridge filling machines provide throughput ranging from 600-2000 devices per hour, with a 99% fill accuracy rate. Our full inventory of machines and parts means less production downtime if replacement parts are needed.

Our team is dedicated to consumer safety and quality equipment. Machines from Credence follow extensive quality control inspections and testing for reliability, safety, and high MTBF

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Products by Credence Engineering Inc.

By Credence Engineering Inc.

The CFS-1000M Cartridge Filling Machine fills 1,200 cartridges per hour. Just place and slide the cartridge up to the needle and fill. *Oils it can deliver: All Types, Distillate, CO2, CBD, CO2 Infused, etc. *Devices it can fill: All “Top Fill” types of Cartridges, Pens, Disposables, Pods,... Read more »

By Credence Engineering Inc.

The CFS-1000 Cartridge Filling Machine fills 1,200 cartridges per hour, just place the cartridge in position and the machine will automatically raise, fill and bring then cartridge back down. *Oils it can deliver: All Types, Distillate, CO2, CBD, CO2 Infused, etc. *Devices it can fill: All “Top... Read more »

By Credence Engineering Inc.

The CFS-1500C Carousel Filling System is an extension of our CFS1000 Filling Platform that utilizes our new Carousel Feeder and our new software. It eliminates the Load and Unload of the fill cycle, creating an easy to use filling system that is non-tiring and very productive. The Carousel is... Read more »

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