8/26/22- TLB- MJBiz
Product Spotlight
  • Available from New Leaf EA Corp Inc

    Even the most conscientious small business owner can make mistakes processing payroll. But when your business operates in the cannabis industry, your payroll practices must be by the book. The federal government is watching so one mishap in calculating taxes or paying different types of... Read More
  • Available from Cann Drying Systems LLC

    Bring Drying to The Next Step One of our mid-sized systems, the CDS-24, can remove up to 24 lbs of water per hour. The CDS-24’s chamber configuration comes in 8 or 18 rack options. The 8 rack chamber can dry up to 440 lbs (200 kg) of flower or extraction material, while the 18 rack chamber gives... Read More
  • Available from LOCKMASTERS INC

    Zeus is a surface mounted, secure five-point bolting system designed especially for commercial hollow metal doors. Three stainless steel bolts secure horizontally into the frame, while two surface mounted hinge bolts offer additional strength onto the opposite side of the door. Read More
Top Companies
  • New Leaf EA, Corp is a cannabis accounting firm working with all types of marijuana businesses including growers, dispensaries, and retailers. Read More
  • Cann Drying Systems was founded specifically to develop drying and curing equipment for the legal Cannabis and Hemp industries. Designed for the largest in the world to relatively small grows, we specialize in providing our customers with all of the necessary equipment to optimize their existing... Read More
  • LOCKMASTERS, INC., offers an extensive line of products, tools and equipment for the security professional. Read More