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  • The Most Powerful LED Grow Lights for Plants
    The Aries by Fohse: 640W Home Garden LED Grow Light Our A3i model is the most powerful and efficient commercial LED grow light the world has ever seen. Now re-imagined for the home grow as The Aries
  • Agnetix water cooled LED lighting system is the most advanced technology in horticulture: Highly-efficient, high performing, fully connected grow lights with integrated sensors and cameras for the ultimate visibility to the crop.
  • urban-gro, Inc. (Nasdaq: UGRO) is a fully integrated architectural design, engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPC‚) design-build firm specializing in indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA‚). With experience in over 500 hundred CEA projects spanning millions of square...
  • Purpose build LED Horticulture Lighting
  • Heliospectra was founded in 2006 in Sweden by plant scientists and biologists. Today, with customers across six continents, Heliospectra is the global leader in horticulture lighting technology, custom light control systems for greenhouses and controlled plant growth environments.
  • Since 1900, Thomas Scientific has been providing the latest in laboratory supplies, laboratory equipment, laboratory instruments, laboratory chemicals and laboratory safety to the science community. We Believe You Are Important - How Can We Help?
  • Verta-6F: Performance, engineering, and price all come together in SpecGrade LED's Verta-6F. Our fine-tuned proven A1 spectrum will improve the trichomes and taste while cutting operational costs and shortening grow cycles. Standard 0-10V dimming functions are compatible with our Grow-Connect...
  • The DLC’s Horticultural QPL is the first Qualified Products List for energy-efficient horticultural lighting. Growers can rely on the Horticultural QPL to validate lighting performance claims, find efficient and effective indoor lighting options for crops, keep up with cutting-edge technologies,...