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White Papers for MJBiz Industry Directory

  • Gatorpipe InformationBy

    Detailed product and use information for Gatorpipes
  • Complete Drying & Curing SolutionsBy

    Cann Drying Systems understands that every operation is unique. That’s why we offer various solutions to meet each customer’s needs. Our complete systems range from small capacity machines designed for smaller craft growers to large systems for cultivators that need to dry thousands of pounds...
  • Calyx Containers CatalogBy

    Calyx Containers is a packaging and inventory management company servicing brands and cultivators with best-in-class solutions that enhance product preservation, amplify branding real estate, and streamline operations. Our products are mindfully manufactured to alleviate impact on our industry,...
  • Why a Modular Grow FacilityBy

    For centuries, controlled environment farming has been practiced all around the world. With increasing climate changes, creating the perfect atmosphere and installing proper ventilation is now imperative for an indoor growing ecosystem.
  • Product CatalogueBy

    The mission of Sunakin, which means "Sun Family", is to create a community of enthusiasts by designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative products. Join our family!
  • LSI Security TrainingBy

    The Lockmasters Security Institute (LSI) 26,000 square foot training complex is a state-of-the-art facility with modern classrooms where expert instructors teach more than just knowledge– they teach the knowhow required to help you start building your legacy. just as the Millers have built...
  • eBook: Why Nanobubble Oxygenation is Key to Optimal Root Zone HealthBy

    In practice, traditional technologies like bubblers or diffusers that aim to increase DO can leave a lot to be desired. They can be both ineffective and inefficient. Now, however, there is a new innovation available that has already changed how many controlled cultivation growers around the...
  • How American Protective Products became more than a PPE provider for this ultra premium cannabis cultivatorBy

    See how APP can be a resource to your teams!
  • HPGen eliminates Pythium and improves operations in recirculated water nurseryBy

    To improve greenhouse operations and decrease risks of Pythium outbreaks, one HPGen A2000 system was installed in the technical room of the facility, with a triple objective: 1. Achieve a more consistent crop, with fewer variations due to pathogens and environmental effects 2. Control pathogens...
  • Rubicon EHS Cannabis ServicesBy

    Cannabis Industry Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Services
  • 5 important considerations if you are using spreadsheets for business analyticsBy

    Why and how to transition to business intelligence as a better alternative: Despite widespread use and adoption, spreadsheets appropriately address only a small fraction of an organization’s business intelligence needs. In this paper we will : Address 5 considerations that will help you...
  • Guide to Selecting a Grow LightBy

    An in-depth guide on selecting the right grow lighting solution for your environemnt.
  • Alabama Cannabis License ConsultingBy

    Alabama began accepting requests for cannabis license applications today. The deadline to submit is October 17. The limited number of licenses will create intense competition.
  • Material Research Comparing S10 Labs' Zirconia Ceramic Cartridges with Metal Center-Post CartridgesBy

    Aliovalent Materials Research compared S10 Labs' Zirconia Ceramic cartridges and standard 510 threaded metal cartridges procured from a leading competitor. These two cartridge materials were examined to identify their thermal stability and structural integrity at various temperatures. Microscopy...