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Specgrade LED

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639 Eastgate Parkway
Columbus, OH 43230

About Specgrade LED

  • SpecGrade LED is a US manufacturer of commercial LED cultivation lights located in Columbus, OH. Our photo-biological performance & sustainable engineering makes our grow lights the cultivator’s new first choice. Utilizing not only the most current LED technology and drivers, coupled with premium thermal management, we have raised the bar for grow lights.
    From propagation through flowering SpecGrade LED provides grow lighting solutions for every stage of plant growth. Cultivators can further customize their grow lighting with the addition of inter-canopy and supplemental wavelength grow lights.
    Every SpecGrade grow light seamlessly integrates the spectral, thermal, and electrical components into one sustainable investment. Our fixtures’ rugged construction tackles demanding cultivation environments head-on ensuring peace of mind. The modular design of many SpecGrade LED fixtures allows cultivators to perform field repair or upgrades without experiencing downtime.
    With over 10 years of industry experience, we’ve realized that it’s not all about the product – it’s also about great service. Our team of engineers is ready to assist cultivators with facility layouts and daisy-chain wiring solutions. SpecGrade LED provides an industry-leading warranty on our horticulture lights.
    SpecGrade LED works with cultivators across North America providing cost-effective, energy-saving horticulture lighting solutions for cultivators. Our unwavering focus on innovation, reliability, and sustainability provides the professional grower with the highest yields and quickest ROI.
Competitors of Specgrade LED
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Products by Specgrade LED

  • Verta-6F

    Performance, engineering, and price all come together in SpecGrade LED's Verta-6F. Our fine-tuned proven A1 spectrum will improve the trichomes and taste while cutting operational costs and shortening grow cycles. Standard 0-10V dimming functions are compatible with our Grow-Connect... Read more
  • Linea

    The next-generation Linea features a remote driver and increased passive thermal management. Available in 300 Watts, 600 Watts, and 900 Watts, the Linea is customizable to meet the environmental needs of cultivators while virtually eliminating any shadowing. Each wattage is available with an... Read more
  • Flora

    SpecGrade's Flora Series is the perfect LED sole-source solution for micro greens, leafy vegetables, and vegging cannabis. Lower intensity levels together with 0-10V dimming provide cultivators the ability to reduce operating costs and improve their horticulture environment. To minimize stress... Read more

Content by Specgrade LED

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