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About BizReps 420

Welcome to BizReps 420! We are a team of Engineers & Cannabis Sales Professionals specializing in delivering U.S. Made, cutting-edge LED Grow Lights, Power Outage Mitigation, and Cannabis Homogenizers for the cannabis growing industry. We are on a mission to transform the cannabis industry with solutions that enhance productivity and sustainability while being cost-effective.

Our Mission at BizReps 420 is to provide sales outsourcing services to legal cannabis growers and processors by offering the highest quality LED Grow Lights, Cannabis Homogenizers/Mixers, and Off the Grid Power Solutions. We are a manufacturing representative for several U.S. made products focused on improving the growing and processing operations in the legal cannabis industry. We represent some of the top manufacturing companies in the U.S. and work with our clients to understand their needs, assist them in selecting and selling the right equipment at a competitive price to improve their business.

Products by BizReps 420

By BizReps 420

Solar LED Grow Lighting System

The biggest reason a cannabis grower selects a grow light is to provide the optimum lighting system that will not only grow plants but to enhance and boost the quality and yield of the mature plant. Sunlight is the best light source because it provides the best combination of full-spectrum... Read more »

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Grow Solar Light Products

CTB6 660W Grow Light -No UV or IR in the beam -Patented spectrum -Input Voltage = 120-277V -Tunable spectrum -Suitable for CEA use with all crops -Custom dimming settings, with boost -Ideally suited for full, bloom, and veg spectrum applications -Aluminum housing -Easy installation and... Read more »

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By BizReps 420

IP65 Vertical Farming Light

-Housing: polycarbonate, impact resistant, Ik05 -Lamp Cover: polycarbonate with integrated LED unit -Seals: Age-resistant silicone seals -Chip: LUMIEDS high power LED, integrated LED converter -Installation: Suitable for ceilings, walls and pendant mounting -Application: Vertical Farm,... Read more »

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