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CannaBI by Dimensional Insight

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  • We are a company deeply committed to the success of our customers. In fact, the central philosophy of Dimensional Insight is to support our customers and our employees, since they, in turn, will support the company. Everyone at Dimensional Insight—from our technology developers, to our support staff, to our consultants, to our executive team—is solely focused on driving results for the companies we work with.

    The legalization of cannabis in many states has presented businesses with a unique opportunity to explore a new and exciting industry. However, every opportunity also comes with its own set of novel challenges. In order to navigate the complex world of cannabis, businesses need access to accurate and up-to-date information that provides them with the insights necessary to succeed. Dimensional Insight’s end-to-end platform includes advanced analytics and data visualization features to help you transform your potential into reality.

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  • CannaBI

    CannaBI is built on award-winning technology from Dimensional Insight, the analytics leader in several industries, including beverage alcohol, and rated #1 in several customer surveys. Read More

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