2668 Peachtree Road
Statesville, NC 28625


AIRBOX is the only commercial-grade air purifier made in the USA that uses IEST Certified HEPA filtration to affect room air flow using dynamic room purge technology. AIRBOX founder, Tim Self, is an industry expert in the design and engineering of clean rooms for semiconductor manufacturers, life science laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Our systems utilize the same technology deployed in the clean room industry, capturing particles as small as 0.01 micron through a multi-stage filtration system. We are excited to utilize this expert experience and advanced technology to set the standards for clean air in the cannabis space.

AIRBOX is a small Woman Owned business out of Statesville, North Carolina. All of our products are proudly Made in the USA.

Competitors of AIRBOX

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Products by AIRBOX


The AIRBOX APEX 2.0 is a premium air purifier designed specifically for the cannabis industry. With a focus on air quality control and reducing airborne particulates in cannabis consumption facilities, the APEX 2.0 uses the same advanced HEPA technology that is deployed in high-profile high-tech... Read more »


The AIRBOX Peak Series S is a powerful air purifier designed specifically for the cannabis industry, with a focus on maintaining optimal air quality in cultivation and manufacturing facilities. Equipped with clean room technology, the Peak Series S offers a multi-stage filtration system that... Read more »