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For over 20 years, has offered high-quality indoor air quality products to businesses and consumers. Our customer service experts can help growers solve humidity problems, control indoor temperatures, improve ventilation, and provide lighting solutions.

Products by Sylvane, Inc

By Sylvane, Inc

Prevent mold and mildew that causes plant rot and structural damage with the Quest Dual 155 Overhead Dehumidifier. An efficient dehumidifier designed primarily for indoor growing, it features an onboard humidistat and is capable of removing up to 155 pints of water per day (AHAM). Read more »

By Sylvane, Inc

Easily manage your grow room's climate with the Autogrow IntelliClimate Kit. Manage temperature, CO2, lighting, and humidity in a central easy-to-operate location. This single-zone controller is the perfect choice for creating schedules, monitoring your settings, and more. Read more »

By Sylvane, Inc

This iLiving Exhaust Fan will keep your grow room properly ventilated so that your plants can receive adequate fresh air. Read more »

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