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Moleaer develops industrial scale nanobubble generators to enhance a wide range of processes, enabling vast improvements in farming, horticulture, lake & pond aquatic management, water treatment and the recovery of natural resources. Our nanobubble technology helps farmers grow more crops, oil and mining companies recover more valuable resources, and industries efficiently treat water and wastewater. For cannabis growers, our nanobubble technology has been proven to improve water quality, promote root development and foster plant health while lowering treatment and oxygen costs. Growers deploying Moleaer's nanobubble technology consistently report reduce pathogens, heathier roots, improve plant vigor and higher output. Moleaer patented nanobubble generators were designed and built using our engineering team extensive experience with agricultural applications. They're easy to integrate, install, and maintain all without overhauling your irrigation system. Leverage user interfaces and monitoring to ensure your system is performing at its peak.

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By Moleaer

Improve irrigation water to promote optimum plant growth and reduce inputs with Moleaer’s Lotus patented nanobubble generator, a highly efficient gas-injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates irrigation water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO).... Read more »

By Moleaer

The patented Moleaer Neo Nanobubble Generator is a highly efficient gas-to-liquid injection technology that produces high-purity oxygen nanobubbles and supersaturates water with high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO). Nanobubbles provide a natural oxidant capable of reducing biofilm growth and... Read more »

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eBook: Why Nanobubble Oxygenation is Key to Optimal Root Zone Health

eBook: Why Nanobubble Oxygenation is Key to Optimal Root Zone Health

eBook: Why Nanobubble Oxygenation is Key to Optimal Root Zone Health

By Moleaer

In practice, traditional technologies like bubblers or diffusers that aim to increase DO can leave a lot to be desired. They can be both ineffective and inefficient. Now, however, there is a new innovation available that has already changed how many controlled cultivation growers around the...
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