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From the outset, Global Garden® was founded with the principles of finding best-in-class products that offered innovative ideas and efficient solutions to growers. Since our entry into the hydro space in the mid 2000’s we have always been, and continue to be, awed by the do-it-yourself, inquisitive, can-do nature of growers. It also quickly became obvious that dedicated growers will continually look for an edge in the garden.

Having always valued quality goods as consumers ourselves, we decided that Global Garden® would only work with high value products. Products, that bring demonstrable value to the grower. Sometimes that might mean an above market price lighting fixture, and sometimes it might mean a lower cost plant additive. Either way, the grower is going to get the best value and see distinguishable results.

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By Global Garden


Studies have shown that combining red and far-red increases the photosynthetic rate beyond the sum of the individual contributions. Higher photosynthetic rates mean larger flowers. This is a case where one plus one equals greater than two! The Emerson Enhancement Effect chart to the right... Read more »

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DIMLUX EXPERT SERIES MKII 1000W DE EL UHF Dimlux makes the best indoor grow lights in the industry. This light is designed in the Netherlands to be the absolute best HPS grow light at any price. You’ll find this grow light is more efficient and easier to use than anything you’ve seen. Dimlux... Read more »

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The Dimlux Pro Series 1000w fixture offers 2,016 μmol/s (1.95 μmol/J) at 1000w and 2,339 μmol/s (1.96 μmol/J) when boosted to 1150w. The Pro Series Light can be dimmed to 50% and boosted up to 115% while still maintaining efficiency code compliance. Manual power settings: 500, 600, 700, 800,... Read more »

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