Echelon Constructors

St. Louis
St. Louis, MO 63146

About Echelon Constructors

Echelon Constructors LLC is a national design/build construction firm founded by two highly experienced and motivated individuals, Greg Ancel & Ryan Barr. The partners and the associates have a passion for solving complex construction and development opportunities through a blend of engineering, creativity, development assessment and their design/build construction process to solve their client needs.

True design-build delivery carries an elevated sense of responsibility for the contractor in a singular relationship between you, the Client, and Echelon, the Design-Build Contractor. It is our goal to become your trusted advisor, understand your business first, ask questions, offer suggestions, and outline a path to success; balancing the criteria of aesthetics, constructability, budget, and schedule. We begin with the end in mind; conceptualizing a facility that accomplishes your business objectives and working backwards to develop details and phasing that meet your individual needs. Our integrated model offers the shortest timeline for a project, concept-to-completion.

Engaging our team during the concept phase of a project allows Echelon to serve as a greater resource and assist the team on financing, property acquisition, environmental studies and more. Our completed design-build projects were delivered from a successful process that eliminates surprises and exceeds expectations.

• Single Point of Responsibility
• Custom Process Focused on Your Business Goals
• Early Risk Mitigation
• Early Budget Development
• Strict Budget and Schedule Adherence
• Project Team Selected based on Your Unique Project

The end result you save money from the beginning with a design focused on your business, avoid costly mistakes by having a single point of responsibility, and have a completed project for which you are excited and proud!

For business owners, there is tremendous opportunity and risk with each new construction project. Thousands of pieces come together in concert, turning your vision into reality. The most important thing a general contractor can do is work with you to develop a comprehensive, step-by-step plan for completing your project within your designated parameters then deliver that plan.

Echelon manages all aspects of your construction project, from pre-construction to project closeout. Our experience, complimented with a small team structure, allows a client-focused approach that other construction companies simply cannot replicate. We generate a project schedule, anticipating obstacles ahead of time and coordinating all subcontractors on your behalf. Once underway, we meet with your team for regular updates to ensure we adjust to any evolution in needs.

• Thoughtful and Collaborative Planning
• Planning and Execution
• Precision Orchestration
• Consistent Communication
• Foresight to Adapt to Schedule Challenges
• Risk Management
• Strict Budget Adherence

The sooner a project is completed, built within budget and to our client expectations, the greater return on the asset for the client. We balance safety, schedule, scope, and budget to consistently deliver maximum value.

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