Irvine, CA


After years of research and experience in the LED grow lights industry, we are proud to launch our own brand, Medic Grow.

Medic Grow is registered in the US and holds inventory in CA, our factory has more than 10 years of OEM+ODM experience that develops, manufactures, distributes, advertises and sells LED grow lights for home and commercial horticulture growers. So you are doing business with a professional and honest company.

We aim to expand worldwide in the LED grow lighting industry until our products are sought after, and Medic Grow becomes a household name. To achieve that, we are dedicated to provide the highest quality and energy-efficient products with high PPF output that allow our customers to maximize the yield of their plants at all stages of the growth cycle.

From our experience in LED grow lighting, we understand excessive power consumption, bulb replacements and massive heat are the biggest problems. Medic Grow is born to bring such a product to market that can solve all of these problems.

Providing cutting-edge lighting technology for indoor horticulture, we help our customers to get the right color spectrum by developing fully customized spectrum options based on the needs of the plants.

Our engineering and technical team are all experienced who are ready to help our customers with the best growing advice for any specific situation. And our electronic materials all pass UL, DLC, ROHS, or CE certification to ensure that real lifespan of our fixtures can last at least 5 years. When it comes to delivery, we set up a free shipping guarantee for all customers in the US.

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