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Master Plant-Prod Inc.

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314 Orenda Rd
Brampton, ON

About Master Plant-Prod Inc.

  • Plant-Prod is the world leader in soluble fertilizers and the partner for growers where high productivity is vital. Leading greenhouses across the globe rely on our solubility in their production. Solubility means everything you buy goes into the plant-not to the bottom of your concentrate tank or plugging your emitters. When you buy a 25lb bag of Plant-Prod MJ, your plants receive every oz of that fertilizer. Plant-Prod achieves this level of solubility by using the highest quality raw materials on the market.

    We have strict quality guidelines for all components in our products. Using these pure ingredients also means that you can grow efficiently, use less fertilizer to produce better plants. The various chelating agents within our micronutrient packages ensure that nutrients are available at a wide pH range. Plant-Prod Water Soluble fertilizers have been produced this way for over 75 years, all while creating different analyses to target specific stages of plant growth for peak performance.
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