8/26/22- TLB- MJBiz


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  • YOOLUX always focus on indoor horticultural equipment and plant growth technology, research, development.
    We are innovators striving to create advanced solutions and technology that will solve the problems from small household set-ups to medium growing operations.
    Our dynamic in-house design & sales team have placed us at the forefront of plant growth field, enabling us to deliver an extensive range of HPS lamp, MH lamp, CMH lamp, HID fixtuers, LED fixtures , from seed stage, germination stage, growth stage, flowering stage and fruiting stage.
    Our fast delivery service to our mainland US customers and our continuous investment in design and technology ensures we can consistently offer excellent stock availability, product reliability and professional after sales technical support.
    We focus exclusively on OEM & ODM, product quality and reliability, supported by a fast, efficient service to all of our customers.
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