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Products by Avivatech

  • CashWare®

    CashWare is our flagship product used to support cash recyclers and cash dispensers. Over the years, CashWare has gained popularity and become a favorite among tellers. Many of our sales are to replace other software products bundled with cash recyclers when they were first installed. Today,... Read More
  • Professional Services for Banking & Retail

    The seamless and fast execution of growth initiatives is key to your success. Let our solution experts accelerate your journey to exceptional customer experiences and stronger profitability. Whether it's retail automation or branch transformation — we've got you covered. Read More

    For years, vault processors have been known for their armored trucks that transport cash from businesses to bank vaults. Yet, cash is not the only game in town – banks, in an effort to outsource their vault operations, are requiring that these same companies add check processing to their offerings. Read More

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