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About Avivatech

With cash automation solutions from Avivatech, cannabis retailers can set themselves up for greater success by enabling quicker, easier, and more accurate cash management processes. XpressCash from Avivatech frees retail staff from the time-consuming continuous counts and recounts of their tills and creates a more secure process for the end-of-day balancing. The solution also enables cannabis stores to manage cash payments for product inventory, service providers and even payroll with easy vendor set-up, dollar amount limits, high speed cash dispense and full transaction audit logs. XpressControl gives retailers the end-to-end cash visibility they need to proactively manage secure cash and enforce accountability across all locations.

Avivatech proudly delivers the efficient transactions and total control cannabis retailers need to drive growth and success in their businesses.

Products by Avivatech

By Avivatech

XpressControl For most retailers, cash management is a time-consuming, costly process that takes managers away from more strategic priorities. Even with a cash automation solution, they often lack the trending data they need to control cash operations across the enterprise. Avivatech fills the void with the... Read more »