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About Hemper

Hara International
Hara International is a CPG company that houses a multitude of brands & platforms With core competencies of
designing, supplying, marketing, & distributing innovative brands & product within the cannabis lifestyle space.

Hara Brands
Hara Brands is a portfolio of leading ancillary brands which are sold via subscriptions, e-commerce, and retail channels. Our CPG smoking accessories & lifestyle brands offer top-selling products in multiple categories including Glass, Accessories, Cleaning, Vaporizers, Rolling, Combustibles, and Lifestyle Home Goods. In totality, the Hara Brands portfolio includes 8 global brands with 1000+ SKUs currently on the market.

Hara Supply
Hara Supply is a B2C service-based brand that provides pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled cone-centric products to MSOs, top cannabis brands, dispensaries, and distribution companies. Hara supply currently serves over 40% of the pre-roll cone market with over 70 Million cones produced a month and a staggering demand of 250M+ a month.

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