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553 Cooper Street
Memphis, TN 38104

About Ounce of Hope Aquaponics

Ounce of Hope is a unique vertical operation with a mission of improving food sustainability, social equity, criminal justice reform and a mission to change minds in relation to past unjust laws surrounding cannabis and psychedelics.

We specialize in aquaponic (fish+plants) growing methods, solventless extractions, in-house formulations, and stellar dispensary operations. Our focus is to continue to push the limits of Organic Farming practices and fish production (aquaculture).

Ounce of Hope provides high-quality cannabis products grown in a completely controlled and sustainable environment right here in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Products by Ounce of Hope Aquaponics

By Ounce of Hope Aquaponics

Feeds plants, microbes, and improves soil structure with rich organic matter. Contains available nutrients for quick feed and undigested organic material for slow release with a wealth of beneficial organisms. We raise ornamental koi and tilapia in our 10,000 sqft grow facility. The fish feces... Read more »

By Ounce of Hope Aquaponics

Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol — or, as we like to call it, delta-8 THC (or just delta 8), is another psychoactive THC found in the cannabis plant. It’s a lighter high, so it’s less intense than delta-9, which is the standard THC in pot. A perfect option for those new to cannabis and veterans in... Read more »

By Ounce of Hope Aquaponics

The OG THC. The THC in pot, the THC you know and love, is good ol’ reliable delta-9 THC. It’s the cannabinoid that’s normally found in marijuana in abundance. However, it can also be found in hemp — which is exactly where we got ours from. We hope you enjoy! Read more »

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Fish Poop Lab Results

Fish Poop Lab Results

Fish Poop Lab Results

By Ounce of Hope Aquaponics

Our Concentrated Fish Poop is harvested from our de-coupled RAS daily, by means of our AST PolyGeyser media filters. These filters are unique in that they concentrate the fish waste without removing “cleaner” water from our fish tanks. Hence the “Concentrated” in our product's name. We test our...
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