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Puff Pull Pass

A New Way to Share the Experience


Even before there was a pandemic, being handed a “wet” or less than perfect sanitary cone has been an issue. There is always something that slows or stops the enjoyment of sharing a cone with friends, fam or strangers. The solution is PuffPullPass! Imagine a world where you have a “fresh”...


Cannabis Payment Processing & Banking for Marijuana Dispensary


Cannabis Merchant Services: You Need Paybotic If Your Cannabis-Related Business (CRB) Has Experienced: - Poor Service related to Level 2 and Level 3 B2B - Difficulty getting a merchant account - Account Disruption due to your industry - Difficulty processing High Tickets - Delays getting funded - High rates and Fees
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Cases: ProductSafe® security cases are designed to protect valuable merchandise from theft. Steel cases with roll down protection are easy to use and easy to secure. When open, the security door is completely out of sight. Cases can be used standalone or built into merchandising walls to provide added...
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WINDOW AND TRANSACTION DRAWER COMBINATION UNITS: Bavis Fabacraft’s most popular solution: The best transaction drawer on the market takes value to the next level when combined with Bavis’ premium window. These combo units ship fully assembled as a single unit for easier installation, and feature level-1 bullet-resistant glass. Dispensaries are...

Star Micronics: Proud manufacturer of retail point of sale (POS) system hardware and equipment, including receipt printers, cash drawers, self service kiosk printers, and more.

AZUCA'S TiME INFUSION® changes everything you thought you knew about edibles. Traditional oil-based edibles are processed by the liver, making it impossible, due to variabilities in liver function, to have a predictable experience. TiME INFUSION® creates a unique thermodynamic matrix of...

Canna-Less Neutralizing Room Spray: The Canna-Less Collection by Aroma Retail is a new line of innovative all-natural cannabis odor-eliminating fragrances. It transforms marijuana malodors at the molecular level. Effectively changes the smell of weed instead of covering it. The spray is safe and has a long-lasting scent throw....
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