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Fresh-Aire UV

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1410 Park Ln S
Jupiter, FL 33458

About Fresh-Aire UV

  • Fresh-Aire UV is a global leader in ultraviolet HVAC, surface & air-stream disinfection. Designed to neutralize airborne & surface mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, bio-film & odors as well as improve equipment efficiency & reduce maintenance costs. For more than 20 years, Fresh-Aire UV systems have been used in thousands of applications including grow facilities, commercial, educational, healthcare and military installations. Systems include UV, PCO, filter as well as those designed for ice-machines, & ductless mini-splits.

    UV & Cannabis
    Mold and fungus such as Botrytis cinerea are particularly troublesome for grow facilities. Fresh-Aire UV systems are the ideal solution for reducing the risk of biological pathogens spread by the HVAC system or cross contamination as it safely neutralizes microbes without the use of toxic chemicals or airborne oxidizers. UV technology is also used in several other aspects of this rapidly growing industry.
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