Anderson Porter Design

1972 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140

About Anderson Porter Design

We work with entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to design, engineer, and construct facilities that transform ideas into successful, profitable businesses. Our evolution into the design of cannabis facilities was a natural fit that strongly matches our people-first philosophy of promoting health, wellness, and sustainability in design. We have completed several projects, both retail and grow facilities.

We have 10 years of experience as architects serving the cannabis space; we understand and appreciate your business. We have been through the euphoria of opening new state markets and the crush of price compression once markets reach saturation. We have worked with companies to bring new and unique products to the market. Some of our customers have successfully entered the market, operated for a few months, and exited with multi-million-dollar deals. Others have encountered difficulties in a strained market, leading to mid-course corrections and asset sales.

We are a part of the community, the cannabis community. Our firm is active with national organizations, helping to shape policy, promote energy sustainability, further social justice, and create standards. We actively promote the cannabis industry’s progression through technological innovation and respect the history of where this market evolved from. We have an incredible team of designers passionate about cannabis, personally and professionally.

Let us extend our expertise beyond just architecture. At Anderson Porter Design, we've developed a unique, proprietary stage gate process tailored specifically for cannabis projects. Since our inception in 2014, when we embarked on our very first cannabis project, we recognized the need for a workflow, delivery approach, and consultant team that's finely attuned to the unique demands of this industry. In the world of cannabis, achieving milestones and successfully managing complex facilities necessitates the expertise of a well-coordinated and experienced team.

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