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About Clara Jane

Founded by Alyssa and Chad who are both originally from California but decided to call Nashville home for both themselves and their business in 2016.

The couple discovered the possibilities of Cannabis plants on their own personal journeys seeking some support outside of the traditional pharmaceutical world. It not only gave them both the relief that they were seeking, but after devoting time and energy into researching and understanding the possibilities offered to us by the plant they both found themselves witnessing first hand the healing benefits cannabis can offer.

With their new found knowledge and what started as a simple desire to help others - the spark for the foundation on which the Clara Jane brand rests upon was formed; from there it was the couple's passions of cultivating community, a love of this beautiful planet we get to inhabit and the simple idea of wanting to be a driving force for good.

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By Clara Jane

Description: - 15mg CBN - 15mg CBD - L-Theanine calms you down without causing drowsiness - Relaxing - Calming - Wake up refreshed - THC Free - Deep Sleep - Vegan - Organic Read more »

By Clara Jane

Balance 6:1 CBD:THC Seventh Hill’s Oils are made with four simple + natural ingredients making them perfect for everyday use. This 6:1 (CBD:THC) Balance Oil is Seventh Hill's most potent oil- crafted for those needing something stronger than traditional oils. A droppers worth of this 6:1... Read more »

By Clara Jane

The OG Chillum is a discrete one-hitter glass pipe. At only 4 inches in length, it's perfect for a quick toke when you're out and about. The OG Chillum is made of sturdy borosilicate glass. This pipe is designed to give you a clean and easy smoking experience. Read more »

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Lemon Drop High THCa Flower

Posted 3/27/2023

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