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About CoastBio

We manufacture and supply organic biological amendments for cultivation including mycorrhiza and water soluble bacteria blends that stimulate root growth, biomass, yield, terpene production, and resistance to various stresses.

Our products are available for wholesale and distributor accounts or can be purchased directly from our online store at Our best products for cannabis cultivation are:
BioPhos+ Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria (bio-fertilizer) 1 billion cfu/g
BioMend+ Streptomyces-Trichoderma-Bacillus Blend 1 billion cfu/g
Spore! 60 420 propagules/g rhizophagus intraradices (mycorrhiza)

To inquire about new wholesale or distributor accounts and pricing, contact [email protected]

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Products by CoastBio

By CoastBio

A completely water-soluble, super-concentrated blend of beneficial microbes. This product is the perfect multi-tool for cannabis cultivators. Dissolve BioMend+ in water to use as a rooting solution, in hydroponics, or as a foliar spray to keep plants in your greenhouse happy and healthy. This... Read more »