OnSite Waste Solutions

13708 W. Linanthus Road
Peoria, AZ 85383

About OnSite Waste Solutions

OnSite Waste Solutions is a national distributor of dehydration technology and equipment that reduces organic waste streams (includes food waste, bio-solids, spent grains, etc.), on-site, by ~90% in both volume and weight.

During its processing cycle, the dehydrator generates two viable by-products that can be reused / recycled by the client, if they so elect, thus creating a " closed loop ' solution. It also eliminates food odors, pests and leaching issues in trash collection areas. Lastly, it reduces waste hauling costs as well as a client's carbon footprint.

We have 8 commercial dehydrators that can process 200+ lbs. / day up to 2,000+ lbs. / day of organic waste streams, The smaller units have casters on them to be moved into and out of tight spaces when maintenance is required. The larger units have automated lifters / dis-chargers to avoid heavy lifting by employees, thus eliminating back injuries and workers compensation claims. These units can typically be installed, the staff trained and processing the first batch the same day it is delivered assuming the client's electrical source and a small drain is in place.

Furthermore, we can custom design, manufacture and install plant-sized units that process 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100+ tons of organic waste / day, if required. Typically, these units may take up to 4 weeks for installation and training, once delivered.

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