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Madison, CT 06443

About Precision X-Ray, Inc.

Our cabinet x-ray systems are the ideal choice in reducing microbial count from harvested cannabis, giving cultivators the peace of mind knowing that they will pass state mandated regulations, the first time.

Headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, Precision is the largest global manufacturer of cabinet x-ray irradiation systems providing safe, reliable, and reproducible results. Since the turn of the century, we continue to provide thousands of partners around the world with products that lead technological innovation in commercial, agricultural, and academic irradiation treatment fields.

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It's important for the safety of medical patients and adult-users alike. Microbial pathogens are one of the biggest problems facing cannabis cultivators today. Strict state regulations mandate these microbials are brought down to safe levels for human use. It is estimated that as much as 10 % of... Read More

Products by Precision X-Ray, Inc.

By Precision X-Ray, Inc.

The SteriRad Anti-Microbial X-Ray System is specifically designed to kill pathogenic microbes on harvested cannabis buds and ground plants. This X-ray based decontamination process is the most effective approach to stopping the growth of unwanted microbes on harvested cannabis plants,... Read more »

By Precision X-Ray, Inc.

AutoRoll slowly and gently rolls the drum, filled with cannabis, throughout the x-ray treatment process, providing unmatched dose uniformity and decontamination. Drums securely hold cannabis throughout the treatment process, preserving the integrity of the flower by preventing damage, breaking... Read more »