Factory6 Launches True Spectrum(TM) Capsules - Utilzing whole hemp plant CBD offers potent benefits through tastless delivery

Press Release from Factory6, Inc.

American Fork, UT, Wednesday, September 15, 2022 – One of the first CBD-focused companies in Utah, Factory6 continues broadening their product lines with the introduction of True Spectrum™ Capsules. The vegetable cellulose capsules leverage water-extracted solvent-free hemp crude oil, which possesses a packed profile of lipids, phytonutrients, terpenes, and cannabinoids.  


Specialists within the CBD industry working with crude oil, distillate, and isolate, Factory6 offers a wide range of white-label products as well as innovative custom creations. “We commit to continuously advancing CBD delivery, to promote its versatility and benefit for the consumer,” said Nate Farnsworth, Factory6 President. “Oftentimes companies do not work with the robust crude oil as the flavor profile can be a challenge.” True Spectrum bears a simple, truly full profile of cannabinoids at a more affordable price point than soft gels or other CBD formats.


Packed with over 2500 mg of CBD per bottle, the capsules do not require flavoring and offer hemp enthusiasts a complete way to use the hemp plant’s myriad of benefits. Factory6 also offers its customers the ability to add vitamins or other nutritional blends for a full proprietary product. In addition, Factory6 can fully support clients with packaging and brand for their white-label lines.  


“We created some of Utah’s very first CBD products, and our True Spectrum capsules are another satisfying way to experience the broad range benefits of CBD,” said Farnsworth. Factory6 has a large range of products from tinctures, oils, topicals, powders, and tablets, and is equipped to help scale companies large or small. “We are rooted in CBD innovation and quality and compliance are assured as we work alongside your company,” said Farnsworth.


About Factory 6

Factory6 provides custom, wholesale, and bulk CBD manufacturing. A full spectrum agency, Factory6 offers full-service product development, white label CBD products, raw bulk CBD in various forms, as well as a team for creative labeling services. CBD from Factory 6 is cGMP and Utah State compliant and is offered with lot code tracking, complete COA, and quality testing. For more information, please visit www.factory6mfg.com

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