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About Factory6, Inc.

What started as a successful CBD business, comprised of leading professionals and the finest organic hemp farmers, rapidly grew to us expanding our team, relationships and capabilities. We have since been servicing some of the largest nutritional supplement companies and have worked beside top manufacturers that have helped us grow to provide the level of skill and professionalism we give our clients daily.

At Factory6 we are committed to innovation and producing high quality products for our clients. With the wellness market thriving, we are focused on helping companies build their brands effectively and efficiently through a positive working relationship.

Developing your own goods should be a gratifying experience. Our goal with co-packing is to streamline the process for our clients so it’s simple while exceeding expectations.

As a turn-key contract manufacturer with decades of executive level experience, our clients get support from start to finish when launching their new product. The Factory6 Blueprint begins with an idea that turns into a lab tested, premium product that is labeled, packaged up and ready to sell!

Knowing we are being entrusted with the growth of your business, we are dedicated to being a leader in the co-packing industry.

Products by Factory6, Inc.

By Factory6, Inc.

CAPSULES. Capsules are one of the most familiar methods people use to supplement their diet. Capsule manufacturing is easy, cost-effective, and especially great for ingredients that have an undesirable taste profile. The capsule makers at Factory6 can create custom pill capsules with focused, functional... Read more »

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By Factory6, Inc.

CHEWABLE TABLETS. Chewable tablets are an incredibly effective dietary supplement delivery system. They are so effective because chewable tablets dissolve rapidly in the mouth for immediate absorption and taste great doing it. Factory6’s tableting process creates an array of different types of tablets, all of... Read more »

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By Factory6, Inc.

POWDERS. All natural hydration-packed powdered beverage supplements with options for immunity boosters, daily vitamins, herbal supplements, CBD, pre-workouts, BCAAs and special function-focused ingredients of your choice. Supplement powder drink products help you niche down on your customer base for the... Read more »

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