Humboldt Humidors

PO Box 1233
Fairplay, CO 80440

About Humboldt Humidors

Are You Tired of Dry, Tasteless, and Weak Herb? Luckily for you, a safe haven exists. Humboldt Humidors is the leading brand that offers a humidity-controlled box specifically designed for CBD.

Humboldt Humidors are humidity-controllable boxes that lock out excess air and moisture to create the perfect environment for flowers. Our humidors are constructed out of high-quality mahogany and include:
12 (4oz) jars
12 natural bamboo lids
Removable curing grid
Stickers for proper labeling
Built-in hygrometer.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to stale marijuana and hello to top-shelf flowers that offer silky-smooth smoke — Humboldt Humidors is the best option.

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