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Washington, DC 20017

About Lucy’s Natural Remedies

Organic products your customers are looking for are here, made by hand, with love by Lucy! Experience the power of natural products with our award-winning lozenges and topicals. What's Lucy's secret? Natural lavender oil plus full-spectrum everything. The linalool terpenes from the lavender relax your mind while the CBD works its magic.

Lucy's Natural Remedies also offers a user manual for you to sell to new and confused clients. "My Chronicles" is the ultimate journal to track what methods and plant-based remedies vibe the best with your body and ECS. Designed by a natural remedies coach with over 20 years of experience, My Chronicles Journal takes the expensive guesswork out of the equation.

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Products by Lucy’s Natural Remedies

By Lucy’s Natural Remedies

Lucy is a Natural Born Klutz. After trying other topicals that just weren’t working, she decided to craft her own! What’s Lucy’s secret? Natural lavender oil plus full-spectrum everything. The lavender relaxes your mind with linalool terpenes while the CBD works it’s magic. Lucy’s Luck CBD... Read more »

By Lucy’s Natural Remedies

Our staff constantly told patients to “keep a notebook” or “save the labels” for strains and products that worked for them. I can’t tell you how many times patients came in with half-torn labels, or scribbled writings in a notebook or dispensary receipts. I noticed a trend: patients wanted to... Read more »