Temecula, CA 92590

About PodTronix

PodTronix manufactures customized Build-In Place modular enclosures as well as off-the-shelf Pods intended for cannabis extraction, distillation and general processing.

We strive to make the safest, cleanest and most reliable C1D1, C1D2 and General Purpose Ventilation enclosures on the market.

All systems are 3rd-party peer reviewed by fire protection agencies, PSI and more. Most agencies agree that our systems provide the highest quality and best designed protection available.

In many cases, we exceed UL requirements for a safe working environment and are in the process of becoming the first company in the industry to have our entire product line UL listed.

PodTronix is American-made, utilizing the finest equipment that is UL/cUL, ETL or FM listed/approved to ensure compliant working environments.

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