Avivatech Launches XpressCash™ Solution for Retail Cash Management

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ALPHARETTA, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Avivatech, LLC, a leading software business specializing in cash and check software automation solutions in branch banking and retail payment environments, has launched XpressCash software, a solution engineered specifically to support retailers in their efforts to better manage cash receipts and deposits in a fast, accurate and secure manner.

@AvivatechLLC launches XpressCash Solution for Retail Cash Management - 1st and only solution designed to reduce time and cost, increase accuracy, and mitigate losses for #retailcashmanagement

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XpressCash software leverages the innovative, cash technology of Avivatech’s CashWare® platform, adding retail-specific functions to provide the ability to count, verify, and validate cash counts from every till and enable cashier or lane accountability with a quick balance to Point of Sale feature. Cash heavy industries such as cannabis stores can manage cash payments for product inventory, service providers and even payroll with easy vendor set-up, dollar amount limits, high speed cash dispense and full transaction audit logs.

“In today’s world, consumers – while interested in cashless payment options – still carry cash for small and emergency use purchases,” said Jeff Hempker, President at Avivatech. “Retailers who find themselves managing and handling cash in their physical locations can set themselves up for greater success by enabling quicker, easier, and more accurate cash management solutions. XpressCash software also frees retail staff from the time-consuming continuous counts and recounts of their tills and creates a more secure process for the end-of-day cash drop.”

About Avivatech

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., Avivatech LLC is a standalone division of Digital Check Corp. and is devoted to transaction automation software. Formed from the software groups of Digital Check and Benchmark Technology Group, Inc., the combined unit possesses unparalleled expertise in cash and check automation workflows. For more information, visit www.avivatech.com.

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