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About RollPros


RollPros engineered the first fully automated machine for dispensaries and cannabis retail brands, designed to tackle the quality and consistency issues inherent in pre-rolls. The Blackbird Rolling System is a more efficient, cost-saving automated machine for creating premium quality rolls at scale.

A first of its kind, the Blackbird Rolling System is the only production-ready automated pre-roll machine on the market that does not require pre-made cones.

Kyle has built a career out of engineering elegant solutions to complex problems. Highlights include creating a collapsible and conformable bone fixation implant to give surgeons the flexibility they needed during surgery while at Acute Innovations and working with Oculus AR/VR labs to create innovative solutions for their future consumer electronics. Now Kyle has set his sights on innovations within the cannabis industry, starting with the patented Blackbird that uses TruRoll‚ technology.
As a consumer, I was so excited to get a preroll from a store. But it was awful. The cones were harsh; they canoed or clogged. It was just a terrible experience. Then I looked into it and found they were just filling it from the top, and that not how you create a good roll,‚ says Kyle Loucks, Founder and CEO of RollPros.
Step 1. Pour in the flower.
Step 2. Pour in the crutches.
Step 3. Load the paper.
Step 4. Press go.
Step 5. Watch as carbon-copy, perfect pre-rolls are made.

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