HK Technologies

Clayton, OH

About HK Technologies

We make sifting operations better.

HK Technologies offers a full line of vibratory fine mesh screening equipment for wet & dry cannabis sieving and sifting operations.

Ease the burden from manual effort to cut and separate trichome (kief) from its stalk. HK's kief shaker equipment sifts trichomes from milled material or smaller unused material to produce an easily collectible, higher potency end-product. Speed up the process and get a better quality sift. Get more money out of your old trim by sifting out trichomes from previous runs. Remove the extensive time and physical labor required when processing wet cannabis using mesh bags. Fine mesh screening equipment allows you to pour the water directly onto the screen deck. The water separates the trichomes and filters through the fine mesh screen, leaving the remaining trichomes on the top of the frame for easy collection. Multi-deck units are available that can catch different sizes, sorting and collecting a range of trichomes in one large batch.

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