Boost Your Terpenes and Optimize Your Feeding Process

Press Release from Global Garden

LOS ANGELESJan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Garden's partnership as a distributor of Green House Feeding products includes Booster PK+, perfect for maximizing flavor and genetic expression, and the GHF Bio Line for the rest of your nutrient needs. Using the right combination of GHF products based on your growth stage will ensure proper growth.

Booster PK+, in particular, is a high PK product that includes a large amount of sulfur, crucial for cannabis plants to develop that unique "skunk" smell. News Atlas published an article about the "Discovery of New Compounds Solves Mystery of Cannabis' Pungent Smell," which focuses on the importance of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) linked to cannabis, hops, and even skunk spray smelling the way it does.

Booster PK+ does a lot more than just increase smells. Its NPK is 0-30-27, with an additional 9% sulfur. Competing PK products typically have an NPK of 0-50-30 levels without the additional sulfur.

While using Booster PK+, Christopher Sloper, one of Global Garden's horticultural experts, noted, "in my testing, I found my flowers to be extremely rich in flavor and aroma, without the harshness associated with other high PK products." In addition, testing of the final product revealed zero traces of heavy metals.

Of course, plants will only grow based on the available nutrients, so having a proper feeding schedule in addition to Booster PK+ is crucial. Thankfully GHF offers the perfect products in BioGrow and BioBloom for your all-in-one fertilizer needs. These products are OMRI certified for organic use and are incredibly effective.

GHF's Bio Line is perfect for applying once and then releasing over eight weeks, ensuring that your plants have all the nutrients they need when needed. Over the eight-week period, Bio Line products will promote a diverse microbial life, resulting in healthy soil and healthy plants.

Green House Feeding Bio Line of fertilizers are specially formulated, creating a slow-releasing synergistic relationship between the nutrients, microbes, and plants to become a highly practical option.

Global Garden was founded in 2014 by co-owners Jonathan Bayle and Chuck Lee. Headquartered in Torrance, CA, Global Garden prides itself on curating only high-quality, best-in-class products that offer efficient solutions to growers. Global Garden has been uniquely positioned as a premier hydroponics industry wholesale supplier of the highest-value cultivation products, systems, and solutions.

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