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About Ispire

We at Ispire are dedicated to creating dope hardware. This means innovative products that deliver an unrivaled, premium quality life experience for brands and consumers of all cannabinoids. We offer a complete line of best-in-class cartridges, disposables, batteries and dab devices. Our sleek designs and superior performance help brands stand out and deliver the perfect hit customized to each consumers' preference.

Our products deliver nearly twice the vapor production of a standard cartridge. Our new open-top tank system allows for a smooth, even hit by heating at a lower temperature and offering ease of filling with fewer touchpoints. This means your product performs better and consumers get the full benefit of the terpene profile. Fill more carts per hour with our new modality, which saves you money and manpower. By creating a system that heats at the optimal temperature for cannabis oils of various viscosities along with an improved air flow delivery system, we have revolutionized vaping forever. These innovations along with a passion for making products that deliver better experiences help us to help brands stand out to their customers. As a full service partner, all of our products are available for either OEM or ODM customizations. We also provide packaging solutions, creative execution and a wide-range of other services to best meet all brand and consumer needs. Get Ispire today for the perfect hit, every time.

Our dab devices offer safety, optimal long-term performance and reliability by utilizing a proprietary all-glass pathway paired with our unique induction heating system. This means no harmful contaminants such as plastic, metal or faulty wiring ever touch the concentrate, and users can rely on the purest experience with each hit. The products in our dab devices line also offer customizable, precise temperature control making them fully tailored to each individual's perfect preference. We've taken dabbing to the next level and made concentrates more accessible than ever before.

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