GemmaCert Professional Botanical THC Potency Tester

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GemmaCert Professional Botanical Potency Tester
GemmaCert Professional THC and CBD testing machine simplifies in-house cannabis and hemp testing, ensuring your products meet the highest standards of effectiveness, consistency, safety, and compliance.

GemmaCert Professional Can:
✓ Test 3 modes of materials non-destructively:

o Whole dried flower buds (without harming the flower)

o Ground (ie, trim or biomass)

o Raw ethanol based extracts (ie, crude oil such as RSO of FECO)

✓ Receive the following readings in under 5 minutes:

o Total THC

o Total CBD

o Total CBG

o Water Activity (aW)

Elevate your quality control with GemmaCert Pro – where simplicity meets excellence.

Key Benefits of GemmaCert Pro:

Streamlined Testing Process:

Test samples in-house before formal testing.
Evaluate dry flower buds, trim, and crude extract with ease.
Detect total THC levels as low as 0.2% for meticulous compliance.
Versatility in Material Testing:

Assess both cannabis and hemp materials effortlessly.
Utilize water activity analysis to predict mold growth accurately.
Professional Certificates of Analysis:

Generate comprehensive Certificates of Analysis for transparency.
Identify optimal harvest times for precise cultivation.
Enhanced Profit Predictability:

Improve operational efficiency and profit predictability.
Ensure consistent quality and sizing for packaging.
Quality Preservation:

Non-stick ceramic coating on sorting surfaces maintains flower quality.
Laser-cut drop-throughs preserve the integrity of your product.
Adaptable Settings:

Adjust sorting parameters to accommodate different flower setups.
Offer consistent A Buds, B Buds, and trim sizing.
Advanced Technology:

Hybrid solution combining motion mechanics with analytical metrics.
FDA and EMA recognized Near Infrared Spectrometry for precision.
Machine Learning Integration:

Adaptive technology using algorithms and statistical models.
Constantly evolving through experience for reliable data analysis.
Breeders & Growers: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Harvest

For growers, achieving top-tier quality crops and maximizing return on investment are paramount objectives. The key to success lies in potency – the driving force behind pricing, efficacy, and overall crop value. However, accurately determining potency levels presents a complex challenge due to the non-homogeneity of plant material across strains and even within a single sample.

Traditional industry testing, such as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), proves impractical and expensive, providing data for flowers that are rendered unusable after testing. GemmaCert's Potency Analyzer offers a comprehensive understanding of your entire crop's potency, a crucial tool for quality control that surpasses single-sample tests.

By integrating GemmaCert into your cultivation and quality control program, you'll be well-prepared for evolving regulatory requirements. In-house testing not only enhances your professionalism but also eli

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