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About High Standard Copy

High Standard Copy has been the go-to cannabis copywriting firm since 2019. We're here to do more than help your brand’s voice stand out in this loud industry; we're here to help you grow a legacy.

How do we do that? With tailored website copy, compelling email sequences, and optimized blog posts.

🌿 Your website is your first impression with a new customer. Language specific to your brand’s voice and mission gives them the feeling they already know you and can therefore trust you. That makes them want to buy from you.

🌿 Your email list is one of the few places you can interact with your customers directly, without much algorithm interference. Intentionally nurturing that list creates a community of lifelong fans and advocates committed to supporting your brand.

🌿 Your blog is how you get more eyes on your site and boost sales organically. Digital marketing for cannabis, hemp, and CBD comes with ad restrictions, shadowbanning, and account shutdowns. Using blogs in your marketing strategy is an effective way to get new and repeat customers to your site, educate them, and earn their trust and business without fighting the algorithm.

Having a consistent brand voice throughout ensures the same high-level experience for your customer whether they interact with your brand in person or online.

That’s how you grow a legacy. And we can do the most time-consuming part for you—the writing.

Get in touch now at highstandardcopy.com or linkedin.com/in/angelaschweers.

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