VS Strategies

455 Sherman St., Suite 390
Denver, CO 80203

About VS Strategies

VS Strategies is a policy and public affairs firm specializing in cannabis and drug policy, and it is the consulting affiliate of leading national cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP. It is based in Denver and national in scope, helping private and public sector clients around the U.S. to navigate and influence a wide variety of policy matters at every level of government. Its clients include state and local governments, businesses, trade associations, advocacy groups.

VSS leverages its team members' deep knowledge and experience in cannabis policy, advocacy, and industry to provide clients with actionable information, thoughtful guidance, and diligent assistance in executing their strategic and tactical decisions. Its core services include:

- Monitoring policy developments (legislation, rulemaking, etc.) at all levels of government and identifying areas of potential concern or improvement;

- Advising on policy and advocacy matters and preparing strategies for producing the best possible policy outcomes; and

- Influencing the policymaking process through lobbying, education, and coalition building.

We work closely with our clients' leaders, in-house lobbyists, and public relations teams, and we frequently collaborate with other contractors, including many of the large public affairs firms that have recently entered the cannabis space. By supplementing their proficiency in GR and PR with our expertise in marijuana policy and advocacy, we ensure our clients implement the most effective laws and regulations.

VSS and its individual team members have played key roles in several major cannabis policy developments in Colorado and other states, as well as building support for cannabis policy reform in Congress.

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