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Blackout 360: PRODUCT DATA & SPECIFICATIONS After lengthy formulation development, we introduce the only product of its kind, with Patent Pending status, solving your waste problems .Turn your waste into an enriched compost meeting all compliance regulations at the same time. BLACKOUT 360 is a chemical that has been designed to be applied to ground or not ground cannabis stems and leaves that are happening during the harvesting process. The product is black in color for easy identification of waste products that have been coated. An extra trait of BLACKOUT 360 is the addition of an optical brightener for easy identification that the waste product has been coated completely. BLACKOUT 360 is environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, non-combustible, water based product. Ready to use and water cleanup makes BLACKOUT 360 the product of choice for complete destruction of your waste, even if you want to landfill. Let this advanced chemistry solve your waste problems.

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