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Calyx Containers

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500 Lincoln St.
Allston, MA 02134

About Calyx Containers

  • Calyx Containers reimagines cannabis packaging with solutions that streamline operational efficiencies, provide memorable branding, and downstream consumer benefits.

    The Calyx product suite exhibits legal compliance, child-resistance, and third-party tested preservation capabilities to store your carefully cultivated cannabis.

    Sustainability is multi-dimensional at Calyx. Our containers are mindfully manufactured to generate less waste as an organization, and are recyclable or reusable at end of life.

    With a US-based supply chain and a reliable team that puts our customers first, Calyx is here to help you elevate your cannabis brand to rise above the others.
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Products by Calyx Containers

  • Dram Containers

    Calyx Dram containers come in four sizes to accommodate various quantities of cannabis product; 15D, 25D, 45D, 145D. Commonly used for flower, the Dram’s resealable, UV-light blocking, and product preservation capabilities welcome products such as edibles, prerolls, capsules, and more. Calyx... Read more
  • Concentrate Containers

    Calyx glass Concentrate Containers come in 7mL and 4mL to accommodate various quantities and forms of extracts. The unique square mouth is paired with our expertly engineered lid and gasket technology to preserve your product. Our Concentrate Containers come in clear glass, Opal white, and Black... Read more
  • The Calyx Jar

    Calyx’s eighth glass jar is crafted to show off (and seal in) all qualities of your carefully cultivated product. Protect terpenes and increase your product’s shelf life with our resealable lid and gasket. The Calyx Jar is independently tested through USP 671 Method 5 pharmaceutical packaging... Read more

Content by Calyx Containers

  • Calyx Containers Catalog By

    Calyx Containers is a packaging and inventory management company servicing brands and cultivators with best-in-class solutions that enhance product preservation, amplify branding real estate, and streamline operations. Our products are mindfully manufactured to alleviate impact on our industry,... Read more