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About American Protective Products

American Protective Products is a small, woman-owned business founded with the goal of providing quality personal protective equipment and lab supplies to the healthcare industry, cannabis testing and grow facilities, research centers, and laboratories nationwide. We are proud to have earned the respect and trust of many of the nation’s most highly regarded facilities by providing customized solutions backed by unparalleled customer service.

American Protective Products understands the importance of product quality—and worker safety—in cannabis processing facilities. Our top-quality PPE and safety products ensure that both your plants and personnel are protected during every stage of processing and production.

Our medical-grade protective products are backed by industry-leading customer service. Our team of client specialists understand the unique demands of cannabis testing, research, and cultivation facilities, and we’re eager to find customized product packages and delivery solutions designed to meet your needs.

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Products by American Protective Products

By American Protective Products

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