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About Plant Cell Technology

Plant Cell Technology has been a leading organization in the plant tissue culture industry since 1995. Our mission is to globally provide top-tier products, services, and education to tissue culturists of all experience levels.

We develop, produce, and market innovative solutions for plant tissue culture operations globally. Our well-researched, certified, and trusted products keep your cultures healthy and contaminate-free.

Aside from being the pioneers of PPM, we understood there is a need to bring Tissue Culture to the Cannabis Industry.

That’s why we have brought you Cannabis tissue culture consulting services. You can either avail of One-on-One Phone Consultation, where you get the chance to directly talk to our cannabis tissue culture expert and obtain the instant solution to your challenges, OR choose for Lab Visit option, which helps you to establish your tissue culture lab and optimize your protocol.

The services provided during lab visits include
Media preparation
Micropropagation Lessons
Meristem Dissection
Synthetic Seeds and Cryopreservation
Gender and Pathogen Screening

Our team at PCT has the experience and knowledge from a variety of industries that we can draw on to improve your crop growth. Whether you’re growing cannabis, orchids, or plants for cosmetic use, we can help!

Want to become an expert without the expense of setting up the lab? Sign up for our upcoming Tissue Culture Master Class: Cannabis happening this October 13-16, 2022!
Become an expert and join us for our Tissue Culture Master Class: Cannabis Edition with Instructor and Cannabis Tissue Culture Expert (@shiner420tc) this upcoming October 13-16.

Learn everything you need to set up tissue culturing at your lab without the expense!

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Products by Plant Cell Technology

By Plant Cell Technology

Join Cannabis Tissue Expert David Critzer and the Plant Cell Technology team for this 4-Day Hands-On Master Class from October 13th to 16th, 2022! For Growers, Dispensary Owners, Enthusiasts, and Much More! The cannabis industry is growing fast, and tissue culture is your solution to keep up... Read more »

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A polysaccharide complex obtained through bleaching and hot water extraction of agarocytes from the red alga Rhodophyceae. Typical usage rate of 6 - 12 g/L medium. Supreme agar offers greater clarity of plant culture media. Gel Strength: 1050 GM/CM^2 Packaging: 100g, 500g, 1Kg in poly... Read more »