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About InterContinental Beverage Capital

IBC is a Global Advisory and Investment Firm focused on functional beverages, cannabis, food, consumer package goods, wellness and wellbeing, and new technologies/IP impacting these industries including processing and infusion technologies, Web 3.0, Metaverse, and CANNALAND. Our platforms, core capabilities, and services for our clients include: product formulation & development through our partnership with Bevnology Labs, strategic planning, brand strategy, positioning, package design, and messaging, retail/dispensary sales planning, co-packer and infuser relationships, distributor partnerships and commercialization, online/e-commerce, and RTM, and capital advisory. Whether you seek a strategy for growth and expansion in the US or State-by-State, have a brand outside the US that you would like to bring to the states, or a US brand that wishes to enter the overseas markets, IBC’s global network of sales, marketing, retail, and distributor, and co-packer relationships, coupled with our capital resources, provides a wealth of opportunity for brands and companies that have a unique, differentiated consumer proposition that’s poised for growth. Our IBC industry and capital partners provide an exceptional blend of skill sets and experiences to help you grow and create a competitive advantage across the Beverage, Cannabis, and CPG landscape.

Contact us today to see how we can help reduce your operating risk, provide capital advisory, assist in navigating the complex world of retail and the dispensary landscape, or get you involved in our latest CANNALAND Metaverse project.

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