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NuStream Filtration

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Dayton, OH

About NuStream Filtration

  • Water is the most critical input ingredient in growing healthy plants.
    NuStream Filtration is a manufacturer and provider of water treatment equipment and supplies for the Cannabis industry with a full line of products designed to eliminate spores, bacteria, biofilm, viruses, mold, fungus and mildew. The overall quality of your crops will be improved by removing the source of pathogens that cause plant disease and damage. Partial list of products offered:

    - reverse osmosis
    - ozone disinfection
    - ozone bubblers
    - storage tanks and blankets
    - drip systems
    - nutrient solution mixers.

    In addition to equipment, we also offer design services and installation:

    • Facility footprint with distribution plumbing
    • Piping and instrumentation diagram
    • 3D rendering of final system layout
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