Top 4 Ways Cann’s Drying System Can Improve Your Bottomline

Press Release from Cann Drying Systems LLC

Cann Drying Systems is a subsidiary of Nyle Systems – bringing over four decades of experience in the lumber and commercial food drying space and tailoring those lessons learned to the specific needs of the cannabis industry. With that incredible base of knowledge comes a knack for driving innovation. We’ve developed an eye for efficiency and a passion for problem-solving and turned this focus towards the plight of the cannabis cultivator. Your ROI is our ROI, and we don’t take that for granted. These are our top four favorite ways to maximize ROI with a Cann Drying System in your post-harvest operation.

Time Savings

Cann Dryings System’s drying & curing systems all incorporate the highest quality airflow and climate control components to deliver a more efficient solution than utilizing traditional methods – at up to a 50%-time reduction from the standard method – all without sacrificing quality. By expediting your harvest-to-shelf process, cultivators are able to turn more product in a shorter amount of time, maximizing potential profits.

Personnel & Process Efficiency Savings

Cann Dryings System’s automated turnkey drying chamber eliminates the need for personnel to constantly monitor the dry room and rotate plants to achieve consistent final moisture content – therefore streamlining post-harvest processes. By limiting the need for human interaction/labor, we minimize the risk of microbial contamination, environmental fluctuations, as well as trichome degradation. By utilizing the optional auto-cure feature, cannabis operators can move seamlessly from dry to cure without human interaction by automating the classic “burping” process while maintaining climate conditions precisely down to the degree and humidity percentage point.

All of which can be controlled on the system’s PLC or remotely accessible via any desktop, mobile device, or tablet with internet access. Minor adjustments can be made remotely without the need for labor on-site or in person after hours, regardless of whether the user is at the facility or remote.

Energy Efficiency

In comparison with other climate control systems and automated drying solutions, Cann Dryings System’s turnkey chamber setups and existing-room installations use heat pump dehumidification systems, which save (up to) 50% on energy usage. These heat pumps are similar to those found in households and provide reliable heating and cooling without consuming as much energy as traditional climate control systems.

Value-Add Revenue Streams: Terpene Retention & Capture

Our heat-pump chamber design allows cultivators to recover terpene-rich moisture from the standard dry process, and creates a secondary revenue stream of high-quality strain-specific terpenes that can be used in popular consumer products (such as high terpene full spectrum extract vape cartridges, diamonds/sauce extracts, etc.). In one study with our friends at Christina Lakes Cannabis in Canada, we saw 1.5L of pure, full-spectrum liquid terpenes for every 5,000kg of flower dried in our chambers. The increasing popularity of high terpene-focused extracts is making cannabis terpenes (in a soluble form) more valuable and more necessary to remain competitive in the regulated commercial market.

Cann Drying Systems’ ROI is second to none when compared to other drying methods. Our innovations will continue to bring an immense amount of value that helps our systems to pay for themselves long after the initial purchase. 

Ready to start saving? From software updates to personalized consultative customer support we’re here to help! Contact our team here to get started and get saving. Worry less. Grow more!

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