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Snail Custom Rolling Papers

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About Snail Custom Rolling Papers

  • The story of Snail began in the early '90s when a group of students became passionate about the idea of producing filter tips for joints, then selling these items to the public. This continued for about a decade or so.

    In 1998 we released our first filter tips with wooden covers, and shortly after we launched our first rolling paper booklets to the Amsterdam market. The success of this venture in conjunction with our passion for great design inspired us to develop our product range even further.

    Snail custom rolling papers are produced in Europe using only the highest quality materials. Papers are produced out of wood, natural textile pulp or bio hemp with 100 % natural Arabic gum.

    We have been satisfying our customers since 1998 with our high-quality products. For more than 20 years we have produced several thousands of unique designs of rolling papers for skizillion clients, including numerous shops, bars, restaurants, performing artists, festivals, TV and radio stations, magazines, dispensaries, cannabis, and cannabis-related brands, and many more.

    If you don't have an idea for your design, Snail custom rolling papers team can always help you out! With our long years' experience, we can make a great design for you!
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