PURE5 Extraction

Phoenix, AZ

About PURE5 Extraction

PURE5 Extraction is specialized in manufacturing of botanical extraction systems. The company is dedicated on developing natural extraction technology with minimum impact to end product. Utilizing its Low pressure Liquefied Gas Extraction Technology (LPE), PURE5 solution is cheaper, faster and better than the currently most popular CO2, ethanol and butane extraction technologies.

Our revolutionary extraction method, which we're calling ‘Pure 5' process, is significantly safer, faster, cheaper, and produces a higher yield in shorter time than any other conventional method. Our machines are game-changer because it uses low temperature and pressure to process the material, it takes a fraction of the energy as its CO2 competitors, and can handle fragile natural ingredients with little degradation while preserving the natural potency of the oils. PURE5 is actively investing in the field giving more opportunities to good products and manufacturers.

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